Yah Mo B There

Like many other South Asians in the late 60s/70s my dad Yatin Patel arrived in the UK after being displaced out of Uganda by Idi Amin.
He and his family had to leave behind everything they had and moved to the UK with nothing. They faced many struggles and difficult times while growing up in the UK. This show takes you back to the 70s and captures the significant moments of his life.

Yah Mo B There is a TV show and this project was all revolved around creating the promo branding for the launch of the show.

The migration and integration of South Asians from the 60s to the 80s in the UK is rich in history. Through this show, I wanted to capture the importance of the integration of the South Asian community. The branding takes inspiration from the 70s/80s nostalgia with a modern twist. This project took inspiration from my dad's favourite music, films and tv shows from the 70s.

Disclaimer: The BBC Three logo has only been used for the sole purpose of showing what type of channel would promote and air this type of show. No copyright infringement intended.

Hemi Patel
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