Mole Stop 

︎︎︎ D&AD Entry 2021

The problem is there is a lower survival rate of skin cancer in people of colour. Why? Because of the lack of knowledge and awareness globally of this issue.

Mole stop is using social media to tackle this issue. Mole stop will partner with Twitter; to change all full stops on the Twitter timeline into mole stops for the first day of skin cancer awareness month. Through the power of social media and moles of course, we are igniting this important conversation to save lives within young people of colour. The campaign will follow up with other activations through other social media platforms and will include offline marketing such as billboards and posters.


BRAND VISION: Mole stop wants to increase the survival rate on skin cancer in people of colour.

BRAND MISSION: An awareness campaign to inform young people of colour
and spread the word globally to help save lives long term.

BRAND PURPOSE: Globally changing what people think they know about skin cancer in people of colour. Through encouragement and engagement we want people to be well informed enough to take precautions and check their moles regularly.


Hemi Patel
© 2021