Casting Call
︎︎︎ Let’s flip the script.

A space to empower Dalits.

*Dalits are the lowest caste in India. Caste is the social heirachal system within Indian society*

Casting Call is for young Dalits who are constantly aspiring and dreaming for better. Combining with what Indian society regards highly (Bollywood and the film industry, actors and actresses) and what Indian society regard the lowest of society (Dalits) Casting Call is giving Dalit’s the opportunity, space and guidance into the film industry. Casting Call is a community-led, educational and friendly film project that offers Dalits the opportunity to learn, adapt and rise by offering them a pathway into the Film industry. Casting call doesn’t believe their caste should define what they become or what they achieve.

Brand Vision: A world where caste doesn’t hinder a persons greatness.
Brand Mission: A community that helps change lives for the better through education and compassion.
Brand Purpose: Transforming yound Dalit adults lives and providing them with the right tools/support to allow them to flourish within the film industry.


Hemi Patel
© 2021